Manifesto Playbook & Video Course

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About Course

Everyone wants to be part of something special!  Students want to be part of something special.  And our schools are that place, an exceptional space filled with learning, life, and laughter.

Helping your students, parents, and team understand our community’s brilliance and let your Manifesto transform your school’s culture.

Our “Manifesto Playbook” will lead you through the adventure of creating your soul story with inspiration, organization, and focus until you deliver an incredible Manifesto for your learning community.

How does the Playbook work?

  • There are 4 Phases in the playbook to help you integrate the specifics one phase at a time.
  • We have created “Ready-For-You” Checklists that empower you to manage and customize tactical “To Do’s” with efficiency.
  • The videos in this course invite you into the story, remind you of significant strategic purposes, and keep you working along with the Learn Forward™ Village.
  • And lastly we have created “Get Started Now” Templates to give you a strategy to get started in just 10 minutes, ensuring you never get ‘stuck’.
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What Will You Learn?

  • The Manifesto Playbook is designed as a step-by-step process for school leaders to create a Manifesto for your school.
  • A Manifesto paints a powerful picture of your school. In your language and design, readers are invited into the school’s ‘soul story’.
  • Anticipation Phase: You will decide about the readiness of your community and the timing of continuing forward to craft a Manifesto.
  • Facilitation Phase: Initiate the deep process of ‘crafting a soul story’ through in-person and small group authentic connections and interviews.
  • Design Phase: An iterative design process takes place during which your leadership team or Manifesto task force will complete the two processes of the Design Phase - crafting your 'soul story' and creating an artistic representation of your Manifesto.
  • Celebration Phase: In this exhilarating and community-enlivening phase, you will design a celebration event for your community to showcase your school’s Manifesto.
  • With practical worksheets and video guidance, this course includes everything your school needs for the Manifesto creation process.

Course Content

Manifesto Playbook – Welcome

  • Welcome
  • Workbook
  • Course Support & Coaching Packages

Anticipation Phase

Facilitation Phase

Design Phase

Celebration Phase