If I Only Have Moment…

As you know I am deeply passionate about education throughout the world.  #LearnForward exists intertwined with my international experiences.

Children are a gift and each one deserves our best!  As I travel with Niteo Africa to work with vulnerable children in Uganda, I am increasingly enriched.  My role and educator, leader, mother, and community member expands.  Africa definitely gives me more than I could ever offer!  

This summer will be my 11th trip and I can’t wait!

Global Citizen Kelowna asked me to tell the story of meeting Okello Kelo Sam in 2013 at his refuge and school dedicated to Peacebuilding in Northern Uganda: Hope North.  I believe in the power of education to bring peace, children living the promise in Canada and around the world. 

Here is my story.

If I Only Have a Moment…

Thank you Global Citizen Kelowna and Beth Veenkamp of JCI!  My first guest blog!  YEAH!

If you are in Kelowna, we hope you can join us for the Global Speaker Series on February 24, 2014 at Trinity Baptist Church.  Click here to order tickets.  

Please consider how you can use your talents, abilities, and abundance to invest in education for the future of our global community!