Six Books Changing My Life

What changes your life?  If you want to change your life, how do you do it? I find I constantly need to be renewed to continue forward in my sacred work with children.

For me, renewal often comes in the magic of a book!  You see, I soak them up.  I don’t just read a book, I have a full-fledged dialogue with the ideas.  I highlight, take notes, dog-ear, take pictures, and photocopy pages.  One of my favourite ways to capture learning is to ask powerful questions as I read.

You’ll see the unintentional theme of magic in my list…


Here are six books that are propelling me forward this Spring and the questions I am asking…

  • RisingStrongRising Strong by Brené Brown.  I often write about how Brené Brown is impacting me and I strongly endorse not only her books, but also her courses at Courage Works.  The question I am holding after reading her book is:


Are people simply doing the best they can?

You can read more about this one challenging question here.

  • CouragetoTeachThe Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer.  My work with the Center for Courage and Renewal continues to be a cornerstone of my personal and professional growth.  I appreciate how I continue to be inspired with the question:

How does my inner world impact my work?

The whole team at Willowstone Academy just read this book together!


What sparks joy?

I haven’t read the companion book Spark Joy, but I have done some serious pinning on the topic.  Check it out if you want a jump start!

  • MagicofThinkingBigThe Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz.  This timeless book was written first in 1959 and yet has practical advice for how to be successful.  I photocopied his synopsis at the end to keep in my notes.  I am asking…


How can I shift my beliefs about myself to be more expansive?


What matters most and how can I focus on it?

  • BigMagicBig Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.  Just like Gilbert, I believe everyone is a creative soul.  It is not limited to just artists, but we all need creativity and making in our lives for sustainability on both spiritual and physical realms.

What is within me that needs to be brought forth?

There are so many great books in the world and it is difficult to find the time and discipline to quiet our minds and focus our hearts to read a book, but I want to encourage you, it is magical!

There are tons of reflective questions in this post already or here are a couple more for your journal time:

  • What book has had a lasting effect on you?  Why?
  • What questions are you holding at the end of the book?

And, I’d love to hear about the fiction you’re reading.  Clearly that genre is lacking in my list.

For the sake of the children,


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