Of course it’s about Love…

It’s an overused word, with a broad set of definitions, but could we talk about “love” in schools anyways?!

I stood up at our school-wide gathering on Wednesday morning and told the students, every one of them, that I love them!  My heart just overflows with this maternal, joyful gratitude for the privilege of bearing witness to their growth and learning!

Then, I met with them, in our student ambassadors meeting, during classroom visits, and in little chit-chats with individual children.  It was even truer!  My heart is wide open to them.

When this little Kindergartener saw me, he exclaimed, “Mrs. V.!  Did you know the sun is a fireball?”  I nodded.  And, with intense sincerity, “If you lick it, your tongue will burn!”

LOL!  Pure joy!

This time of year gets to be just a little less academically rigorous and just a little more full of childhood delight.  Let’s allow all of that magic sink in and fill our hearts.

It’s part of the advent season.  Pure love is coming.  Love incarnate.  It’s coming in the form of little babe, the sweetest creature in the universe.  Can you see that love in your school?  It might even be singing…

How are you finding love this season?  Are you awaiting its arrival?

For the sake of the children,