It’s about Service

Recently, I’ve been reminded, again and again, leadership is service.  Here are a few little experiences in my days whispering to my heart…

From an indigenous perspective

My dear friend and former teacher at Willowstone Academy, Mrs Jamie Henderson, recently shared this post from Erin Gibson Dyck on social media.  Mr Rushworth writes…

From a spiritual perspective

In Chapel at our school, we discussed the following spiritual truth from John’s Gospel,

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

From a corporate perspective

I read this week in the Infinite Game by Simon Sinek,

“The responsibility of business is to use its will and resources to advance a cause greater than itself, protect the people and places in which it operates and generate mmore resources so that it can continue doing all those things for as long as possible. ” pg 88

From a parent perspective

I met with parents from our school who were asking, “How are we supporting our own children, the school, and the other children in our community?”  The parents actually expressed a broken heart from the sense of ‘rights and entitlement.’  With curiosity, we wondered, what if the optimal posture from the broader parent community for the sake of the community is one of ‘contribution and provision’?

Truthfully, the culture of a community is measured by its contributors and collaborators.

From a student perspective

We are wrestling with the hierarchies students naturally seem to gravitate towards.  How do we teach them to be,

“Leaders working together rather than divided to conquer.”

~Willowstone Academy Manifesto

Furthermore, how do we disrupt the power structures for the sake of the children and a better future?

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

From my perspective

My heart is to serve joyfully!  Yes, it is weighty and endless work, but it is also full of life and laughter.  When I look into the students’ eyes, I see the promise.

Leadership, ultimately, is service.  Our world needs more servant-leaders.

For the sake of the children,

Karine Veldhoen