Taming my Nemesis, the Time Beast

In the Overwhelm

When I started out as a young leader, I worked hard.  I stayed late.  I took work home.  My laptop was my bedtime companion.  I didn’t have much of a life outside of my school, charity, and kids.

Overwhelm haunted me.  As a single mom, I remember being so exhausted by Thursday mornings, I was often barely able to make it to the office.  I would call my dad and cry on the way to school.  I felt like a failure.  And, I ran around non-stop on overdrive.

Time was my arch enemy.  

Nature as a stillness teacher. Summer, 2020 in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia.

A Fresh Perspective

I’ve never been great at time management, but over the years my perspective shifted.  About 15 years ago, I began intentionally integrating yoga, breathing, meditation, and stillness.

Since then, I’ve practiced.  When I first began, I can remember going to my yoga class on Saturday mornings for 80min.  It seemed like such an investment.  “Who has time for this?” 

Then, I started realizing, “I feel amazing following this time!”  

Eventually, I started telling my kids, I need these practices, so I can be better the remainder of the time.  And, it was true.  My children motivated me.

A Journey

I started studying yogis, contemplatives, and wisdom teachers like Parker Palmer, Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton, and Michael Singer.  I went to the Center for Courage and Renewal and walked with my yogi friends, Jeff and Sonya Thomlinson from Take a Breath for Schools.

Gradually, my stillness practices grew to several times per week.  Then, I added journaling in the morning.  Then, simply guided meditation.  Now, these practices weave throughout my being.  When the pandemic hit, I upped the ante, I did yoga 4-5X/week to manage the stress.  I was committed to coming out of the pandemic stronger than when it started.


TRUTH: You can transform overwhelm to focus and clarity.

Taking a breath, helps us move our nervous systems from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest) response. Guess what, then our brains work! Our prefrontal cortex is activated. We can see and solve problems with more ease. It multiplies time.

“When am I going to do that?” is the cry!

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Breathe, Visualize, and Connect

For the sake of the children,

Karine Veldhoen

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