Breed Success in Your Leadership – A Secret for Execution

Success breeds success.  Don’t you agree?

Everyone wants to feel a sense of momentum, achievement, and even victory.  

In my life, feeling ‘stuck’ is one of my deepest fears.  

However, sometimes we hide behind ‘busy’ to protect ourselves from ‘stuck.’  Plus, how can we create forward movement when we are just so busy and overwhelmed?

John Amaechi Obe, in his book The Promises of Giants, writes this truth,

“People can make themselves remarkably ‘busy’ without ever actually being stretched beyond their comfort level–without ever even approaching their actual capacity for delivery of key outcomes.”

I want to share a secret for accomplishment, change-making, and moving forward.  A starting place.  A Jedi Master, Michael Hyatt, shared the secret with me.  It is the power of three.Each day set 3 achievable goals.  A promise to yourself.  Then, deliver.Let’s call them the Daily Big 3.  I’ve been practicing this success-driving secret for about 1,620 days.  Still, today, I wrote three goals down that were too ambitious.  That’s my nemesis.  Yours might be different.  But, this is the secret.  The power of three.  In order for this practice to propel you forward, building success upon success, you have to deliver, complete, and execute.


But, those three things create momentum, confidence, and purpose. 

Once you have the Daily Big 3 in a rhythm, consider connecting them to your Weekly 3 and your three quarterly goals.  But, that’s a Jedi move and a different post. 

For now, just focus on this one secret: The Daily Big 3 every day.

“Every second of your time and attention can be powerful because you are powerful.”  John Amaechi Obe

For the sake of the children,Karine