I Use it More than My Toothbrush

You are a school leader – educated, high-achieving, self-directed, and intentional.  You are responsible for so much and need to focus on what matters most as you balance many complexities.

Who It’s For

You value a goal achievement system that is research-based and offers the best thinking in productivity.You want to pay attention to what matters most. Plus, you value the thoughtful process of writing things down and clarity on your goals that deliver results.Definitely, you want to be strategic and organized with your most precious resources: time and energy. You want to ensure you reclaim attention and create efficiencies.Ultimately, you are ambitious. You want it all and are ready to make a plan to get it.  You desire intentionality and want success in every part of life.  Relationships are inherently preeminent and you want a system to create the freedom to invest in people.Whether you’re a leader in a rural and remote school or a busy urban district superintendent, you are highly self-directed and intentional. You are on the way: a changemaker designing for thriving. 

The Answer

With the Full Focus Planner system, you can focus on executing what is most important. Instead of figuring out the system of how to do it, you can just turn the page.

I use mine more than I use my toothbrush!

More than a planner to keep track of appointments, the Full Focus Planner is a productivity system.

The quarterly templates in the planner prompt you to identify and outline your daily rituals, ideal week, and SMARTER goals.  Then you have the system to break down big goals into bite-sized daily tasks and achieve them.

This way, you keep moving the pin forward.

It is Magical Because…

  1.  The Full Focus Planner designs and documents your life. When you want or need to go back months or even years in life, it’s easy to reference, really a time machine in your hands. 
  2.  The planner makes it easy to summarize activities, ensuring nothing is overlooked. It keeps all your disparate information in one place
  3. It gets you out of digital spaces and into a more meta-cognitive and reflective headspace. Just what the doctor ordered for the screen-weary leader.
  4. The Full Focus Planner unlocks your creativity and most important work. When it is on paper, you can easily see adjustments, changes, or edits that make sense.  It facilitates creative planning and problem-solving.
  5. Plus, you keep the essentials at the forefront of your daily, weekly, and quarterly planning, so you achieve more in each 12-week sprint!

It’s all about creating time and energy for what matters most to YOU!  For me, connecting with others in meaningful ways is essential, so I have to create efficiencies that allow me to keep first things first.learn forward goal achievement masterclass full focus planner

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022