My Best Answer Regarding Summer Preparation Activities

Sitting with dozens of school leaders on a speakers panel this June morning, the facilitator queried, “What’s the best thing you could do this summer to empower your next school year?”

This wasn’t my answer…


But it’s my best response…

Reflect on your leadership.

One of our educational calendar’s most beautiful gifts is a chance to reflect.  Plus, the world is changing SO FAST, our brains and beings aren’t evolved enough to keep up.  So, leaders who are reflecting, adapting, and codifying what’s working and not working are going to excel.Each year of my career, I’ve relished the opportunity to reflect.  Each year of my leadership journey, I’ve tried to go deeper and be more thorough.  Ultimately, reflection is joyful because it offers fertile ground for creativity and fresh approaches.Here are my top 3 reflection questions in each of the key, Learn Forward™ areas for designing thriving communities: soul of the leader, soul of the team, and soul of the school.


  • What leadership activities did I engage in that delivered the greatest results for my school’s thriving this year?
  • In order to level up in my leadership, where do I need to invest?  How will I do it?
  • How do I need to be more intentional with my time and energy going forward?


  • When did my team really thrive this past year?  What created those conditions?
  • What feedback from this year do I need to strategically address?
  • How will we co-create a team where no one wants to leave?


  • How have the past 1-3 years informed our shared vision?  What needs to adjust?
  • Who is in the margins of our community and how might we invite them in?
  • What does our community hunger for and what is my evidence?

As you can see, reflecting composes our future.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Actually, I’d love to hear how these 9 questions serve you!  What insights do you glean for your context and community?

I think the trick might be…

to be grateful for where we’re at and excited about where we’re going!

Seriously, reach out for small group or 1:1 coaching opportunities with Learn Forward™.  

You never have to lead alone.

For the sake of the children,

Karine 🌱

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