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Were you on the brink of burn-out last year, like almost 50% of school leaders?  

Do you know your teachers were there too?

Do you long to create a vibrant team, but need fresh and experiential resources?

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Experienced School Leader
Karine Veldhoen

learn forward championing extraordinary potential

Yogi Master
Jeff Thomlinson

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Aug 30, 2022 05:15 – 6:15 PM (PT)

You’ll leave the webinar with a: 

  • container to hold the messiness of the work and the suffering we experience.
  • framework to create nourishing team experiences.
  • model you can offer teachers’ for delivering social-emotional learning.
  • lived experience to help you create a culture of trust in your school.
  • resources you can use immediately in your community.

Stress and suffering are natural responses to our chaotic world.  

Let’s build a container of wisdom and foster an experience of compassion.

Then, move forward as a high-performing leader and team.