Coaching & Mastermind Programs

with Karine Veldhoen

learn forward karine veldhoen

‘Sometimes we just need to have a little extra support and encouragement, sometimes we need a sounding board to confirm or challenge our ideas, and sometimes we simply need a bigger team to make it all happen. '

Karine Veldhoen, M. Ed.
Founder of Learn Forward

2-Session "Clarity" Coaching

Digest your most significant leadership issue or problem of practice with Karine Veldhoen as your thought partner during two 1-hour live online coaching sessions. Then, connect it to your inner journey as a leader, based on the work of Parker Palmer and the Leading Together program. We all long for this transformative coaching experience.

6-Session “Design and Achieve” Coaching

Let’s focus on your most pressing EdLeadership challenge and create change! Designed to span a school term (12 weeks), this coaching experience is structured to help you design, act, and achieve what matters most for your learning community. As your critical friend and walking partner, I’ll support your creativity to design values-based solutions, ultimately serving your students. You will feel encouraged and uplifted, ensuring your ‘best self’ steps forward in leadership. Most importantly, you’ll leave every session with a clear and well-defined action plan. What would the value be for you to ensure you create this results-based ethos and school solution?

Leadership Coaching

Tap into Karine's wisdom, thoughts and big ideas regularly during ongoing coaching sessions.
This program is for EdLeaders who want to embrace change and create innovative and adaptable schools for the 21st Century.

Women's Mastermind

Karine offers a Mastermind program for female EdLeaders in partnership with Better Leaders Better Schools.
Expect to spend 2-3 hours leveling up your leadership a week.