This program includes 8 powerful team-building experiences that are ready-to-use during check-ins, openers, and wellness for your meetings.



8 powerful team-building experiences

3 easy steps to creating an experience of wellness and expansion 

‘Be’ together • Build trust

  1. Breathe and relax audio experience – shift away from the mind’s patterns and tendencies for a fresh start
  2. Practical team-teaching video – digest hot topics in schools with experienced school leader (incl. slide deck and downloadables)
  3. Empowering audio visualization to unlock fresh inspiration – solidify the content presented and embody new intentions

This program includes the tools to create customizable team experiences from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

Everything in this program is ready-to-use during check-ins, openers, and wellness for your meetings.


  • Additional Year-End Team Experience – $89
  • Breathwork Recording “Balancing Overwhelm and Contentment” – $59
  • 2 LIVE leadership coaching events with Experienced School leader (Karine) and Master Yogi (Jeff) – $499
  • 1 curated resource list for deeper dive on experiential team leadership – $59
  • A ​​Learn Forward™ curation of 9 contemplative poems and team protocol – $165
  • Set of optional journal prompts, 1 per experience – $59
  • Free “Design an Inspiring Summer” mini-course for school leaders – $69


All prices in Canadian Dollars.

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